Invisalign iTero in London – an introduction

Woman Holding Invisalign and Braces

Dental care has come a long way. While older dental treatments were often more invasive and required long periods of time between stages, due to having to send out lab work, there are now treatments that allow patients to get fast treatment so they only have to visit the dental clinic once, rather than having to go through a series of appointments to have their teeth fixed. The iTero scanner is one of the most exciting dental inventions to date. This device is capable of mapping the mouth in a fashion that is comfortable, reliable, safe and accurate.

The iTero scanner is one of the tools dentists use to ensure their patients have their teeth straightened quickly and predictably. This advanced scanning machine is easy to place in any dental practice, since it does not require much space. It provides a fast and easy way to take dental impressions without having to send them to an external lab. It is particularly useful for patients who wish to straighten their teeth with Invisalign. iTero in London is available from many dentists, including Dr Graham Tinkler.

A fast and efficient tool

Patients who have experienced the traditional method of taking impressions, often remember that it may have not always been a comfortable experience. Luckily, instead of cement, the iTero scanner is designed to take quality, reliable 3D images dentists can show to their patients in real time, giving them greater insight into the treatment plan and monitoring their progress with Invisalign throughout every stage of the treatment. Invisalign iTero in London can scan faster than ever, making it easy to take impressions.

One of the best features of an iTero scanner is that it can take continuous images of the teeth with one fluid motion, rather than having to stop and take images at certain points. While dentists that use iTero need to be well-trained, the machine itself is very easy to use. Dentists can interact with their patients, who will be able to view the scans in real time and help build a more effective Invisalign plan. Getting straighter teeth has never been simpler.