Privacy Policy

Even though GACC Impact deals with a harmless topic, we do not take that position for granted. Our technical staff, writers, editors and other personnel is increasingly aware that violation of virtual privacy is rampant today. Not only that, the amount of people who can perform harmful data breaches is in abundance.

At our organization, we pledge to protect the information of our readers, no matter how big or small. We employ top-class infrastructure and technical support to ensure that every piece of data is secure from hacks and breaches. We also keep at it 24 hours.

GACC Impact knows that to build a mutually trustful relationship with our readers, we have to return the effort they give us protect the information they voluntarily provided us. Whether by signing up with our newsletter or by simply visiting our website, our readers authorize us to use these data to make our services. We hope that the improvements have been visible. Every day, we do our best to make our services more client-centered.


We do not allow the use of web cookies in our website as such will hinder the safety we want our readers to experience. Rely on our technical staff and entire organization to protect your information. It is our responsibility to tell you that your browsing data entered to other websites can lead to identity theft, the most common virtual crime. Rest assured that with us, you and your private details are safe.

External Links

To maintain a safe environment of promulgating information, we will allow the use of external links. These will only serve as supplementary information and policies that these sites may uphold do not fully reflect our belief. We want to encourage are readers that before sharing to them any information, to read and understand their policies first

Feel free to contact us and let our support staff clear some inquiries about our privacy practices. We will be glad to answer your questions.