Ensuring a Secure Future for Your Daughter in the 21st Century

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Mrs. Bennet, the infamous matriarch to the five Bennet sisters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, had one goal in life – to wed her daughters to well-off spouses. Not so unusual, considering how mothers always want the best for their children. The reason for the haste, though, is not so pretty. Back when the laws stated that women were little more than property, marriages of convenience were all that kept them off the streets once their male protector died. So what choice did a mother have but to secure her children’s future?

Luckily, in the 21st century, a marriage of convenience is a thing of the past, at least in some cultures. Women are free to forge their future, but that doesn’t mean mothers should care less. Here are ways you can secure your daughter’s future without necessarily sorting to an arranged marriage.

Give Her a Health Insurance Policy as a Gift

Manulife Philippines says health is a big concern among women today because illnesses unique to them have emerged in the past decades. You can help your daughter adopt healthy habits to keep her physically and emotionally well. You may also take out health insurance plans for her to address possible medical needs in the future, or for managing pregnancy and motherhood when she has her own family. It may seem ‘too soon’ now, but children grow fast and that day will arrive before you know it.

Choose the School That Will Support Her Dreams

Education is a significant enabler. A Huffington Post article says asking the right questions is important when selecting a college for your child. Schools that open up opportunities for your daughter to pursue her passion and dreams will be excellent choices. Among the vital questions to ask are: Will your daughter be comfortable being herself while studying there? Can she continue to pursue her passion in school? Does the university offer the right balance of support and challenge?

Teach Her the Basics of Money Management

Sometimes, securing your future is simply a matter of making smart decisions about your finances. Make sure your daughter understands this and practices money management even as a child. Entrepreneur.com’s info-graphic based on a 2012 survey shows that many American parents have started giving their children an allowance at the age of eight. About 90% of the parents required their kids to work for at least one hour per week to earn that allowance. They also taught them budgeting by saving up for a new toy, game, dress or car. It is a good way to train your daughter to prepare for when she’s finally earning her keep and no longer depending on you for her needs.

Your role as a mother will never stop. With these suggestions, you can continue supporting your girls in their adulthood and assure yourself that they will be OK.