What’s Causing that Foot Pain and Why You shouldn’t Ignore Your Body’s Signals

a woman checks her aching foot

Despite the fact that the feet are among the most utilized and active body parts, many people tend to overlook their health until they start feeling soreness or, worse, debilitating pain. If you begin to feel unpleasant sensations from any part of your feet, get them check — and the sooner, the better. Foot aches could be symptoms of problems more serious than just overworked muscles.

There are many types of foot pain, and Finalkickafc.com explains some of the most common of them, their causes, at-home remedy options, and the reasons why you should see a specialist.

Heel pain

Heel pain can arise from any number of reasons, although plantar fasciitis is one of the most common. It results from the inflammation or irritation of the tissues that join your heel bone with your toes. In most cases, the pain emanating from the arch or the heel is at its worst during the morning.

Resting your feet, as well as performing heel and foot stretches regularly, helps ease the pain. As a preventive measure, you should also use shoes that have a cushioned sole and better arch support. If these don’t help, seek the advice of a podiatrist, as untreated plantar fasciitis can lead to chronic, debilitating pain.

Spurs or abnormal bone growths

Another common cause of foot pain is a heel spur. Heel spurs are abnormal bone growths found at the bottom of the heel. Ill-fitting footwear and improper posture can both lead to these irregularities. You are at greater risk though if you run with shoes that don’t fit your feet correctly. Keep in mind that these don’t just look unsightly; they can also cause you pain even when you’re only standing or moving.

Regardless of the reason why your feet hurt, it’s best that you have a foot doctor assess your condition right away. This way, you can get back on your feet and enjoy your activities pain-free once again.